Thinning dark on the street, marking the incoming day,

slowly paint before me, flowing invisible sands of time

though superfluous, being well aware of it slipping by,

sit by window, I let the night take its toll on sanity.


Melting night, exhausting the peace that’s within,

obtained through lot of mental struggle on the oblivion

of intangible absolution, picking at my physical ruins,

work its way, reminding me, that life is on it’s way!


Tired of being just, measuring the distance in-depth,

dart gaze beyond streets, beyond hills that’s mimicking planes,

a place, that’s pledging tranquility, racing with time,

heart is eager to rest this physical me, in liberation!


Searching for peace, dignity questioning the integrity,

quest for calm is indeed an act of cowardice, when thought of,

walking the mile, a sense of contempt slowly eating up,

walk back to my bed, lie down on it, with eyes wide open!


Closed walls, though imitating the night, can feel the sun,

another disturbing night, added to the countless likewise,

I frown at nothing, everything, wondering, is this living?

neither age nor my wisdom, can clarify this fundamental notion!


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