Living in ruins, no one to ask me why I do what I do,
past is what I live with, while present bears no meaning
time just slips by, as I trail all the events backwards,
reliving haunting past, relishing the quiet of solitude!

As I lie cherishing silence shared by loneliness,
angular screams of acute realities, in these finite realms
the calm senses shiver to look beyond the pleasantries,
riveted mind addicted to desolation, rejects all such notions

Stretched time, overlap with imagined perceptions,
kindled heart, traverses well known path of self-deprivation,
gets more attached to perceived outcomes of social exploration,
deprived and feeling denied, wishes to nurture this addiction!

Wounded soul yearning for perpetual existence of seclusion,
pulls hard, at the defiant part of brain to give-in without fight,
sit in a chair, reclining little more, look down on the toll
that is taken by time spent “while I rejected the world?”

Severed bonds of relations, none coming to say even a hello,
denying response to any early requests of coming out of this cage,
blanketed the world, under the disguise of pain to be left alone,
feel the wrath, moan in pain or pleasure, can’t say for sure!

Part of me, still has the fortitude to come out and face music,
while wounded self will to live in vain, nothing will change,
longing for relief, look for ways to solace this whole me,
and live in peace and harmony with what all that is left

Rhyming form:

Contrasting life against colorful reality,
addicted mind, allocating perception of duality
adjusting senses to amplify pros of irregularity
spirals down path of, solitude cherishing individuality

Much attached to the notion of living alone
fixating on inhibitions, not for once dwell on
living in closed walls, blinding curtains, well drawn
wails of weeping heart that mistaken as pleasure moans

In solitude, looking for bliss in ignorance,
leaving behind the world, living in this ruins
pry on past, dwindling with the bristling winds
cursing loud cowardice, for it is aiding this loneliness!

Still mind, relishing this profound silence,
countering reasoning or any negating perceptions
craving for seclusion, ever inviting the emptiness
searching for peace in stark void filled with nothingness!

While past come to haunt and beat on senses,
present seems merging with burdening past’s presence
recluse mind, yearns for relief to stay forever in peace
give in more to this notion of desolation in hopes of deliverance


— This is my old write 🙂 Just reposting it here

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