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You makes me smile

The thought of you, slaps hard at my sanity,
drives me through the mazes of molten madness,
puts me through the euphoria of love,
curves the thin lips of mine to an arch of smile.

Splendid beauty of yours, makes me insane,
sadness slips to the abyss of perennial darkness,
can’t help but gaze in sheer astonishment,
and laugh gaily at the divine elegance!

Simple touch kindles a spark never known,
tingles me all over kneading me to beg for more,
this sensation of love, my dear love,
makes my day, knowing its you, I smile everyday!

Smile of yours, sends a warmth all over me,
unknown to me, my lips spread much wide,
in the realms of joy spread by our love,
I wander aimlessly, relenting the world behind!

Drowning in those wondrous dreams of us,
I swim in those hazy and crystal eyes of yours,
with life as the witness, you as my alibi,
I spend today, everyday, face things with happy face!

Love Vs Passion

It was a cold winter night, temperature has already fallen below the freezing point, and the weather forecasts are predicting it can go down further. How low, well, I for sure, that day, looked to the endless sky, screamed mutely asking for pity on me. Though I was seated in a nice, plush restaurant, richness, echoing all around, by the colourful lights and the golden hue, spreading the warmth, diminishing the dark, that’s consuming the streets, warmth from the conditioners, gently touching the blazer covered body, numbing cold by the mother nature is still got me.

All the while, I sat consumed and poised, wondering the notion of seasons, life, death, memories,
past, present, hurdles, struggle, survival so on so forth, cacophony of musky voice, slowly,
disturbed train of thoughts. Can’t help but pay attention to the voice, a male one, husky, though
poignant, crisp and vibrating with emotion, neither clearly saying loud nor whispering, seemed like, stating the suppressed facts that’s so long hidden, to no one but himself, yet one would easily
mistake, it as directed, to the woman, who was sitting next to him. One must accede the fact, she is perfect in every way, curvaceous, well, lust beat me there, being man, her ample bosom and tiny waist and slender thighs, tender arms and long neck, was all I noticed on my first sight. Later,
after paying attention , I see a small tear drop rolling down her cheek, which irked me, not sure
why, wanted to jump off the chair and punch this guy in the face for this sin. Sidelined the idea
and for reasons unknown, I paid attention to the voice again.

“Honey, well, when I first saw you, it was lust that has driven me to you, that deep desire to hold
you, all the time, till I can never breathe, lay next to you, and look into those wonderful dove
eyes, get lost in that beautiful world, hold your neck, kiss you passionately, till the moment, we
both run out of breath, carry you on my arms, so I can only bear you and I don’t have to share you, the idea, that sharing you with earth, makes me jealous. So to speak, I was overwhelmed by the emotion as such, several sleepless nights, I used to wonder, is this love? How long can I hold on to this thought? If I love you that much, why can’t I dream about you?. Time slipped by, as I let that emotion consume me, slowly but continuously, day by day, only you, the very you and the beauty of word we, ahh! well that word we, never sounded better to me till that point, helped me keep my sanity in one piece.

Well, time indeed has take her toll on me, the pure, raw form of love, rather being just an emotion,
it slowly shaped itself to passion, yes, my dear, you heard me right, it became passion, not the
physical you, but just the thought, that you belong to me, screaming to the world, “You are mine”,
kept me going. You may not understand this concept my love, passion, what we humans, knowingly or unknowingly relish and live for it, make us what we are, with our feet firmly rooted to the ground. Am not saying, I am no longer driven by the emotion, if you can see, the emotion is the driving factor, a need, a necessity if I should say, that has driven me to this path, a path that’s filled with passion, passion for you, passion on you, passion to be with you, path that’s is driven by love on you. Indeed, love is the preliminary emotion, though, now I am in love with the passion more than am with you, I know, it sounds absurd, but it’s the fact, I love passion where that passion is filled with you. Well am saying this loud my dear, in future, there shouldn’t be any questions between us, in case any indifference pop up, please look at this conversation, that my love is the passion and passion itself is you, so, simply put, I love you, I believe it means simple words to you, yet these words, may fail to carry the emotion or describe the anger that’s coming out of the suffering and pain I face now which are caused by my shameless admission and complete submission to you,

Never in light years my dear, never, even for once, do ask me this question again, do you still love
me? or every say you don’t love me the way you used to be! It hurts me beyond words, rather saying this, you could simply stab me in the heart and let me be free, I would gladly accept it, rather saying this, ask me to jump off the cliff, without hesitation, with no other thoughts or remorse, I would do, hoping it would make you happy.”

Unable to look into his eyes, as the wise said, eyes are the windows to heart, I can see that he was speaking his heart out, he was not tearing up, masculinity I believe, society has taken away that wonderful gift from me, “He cries like a girl”, “Why are you crying, are you a girl or what?”, he
drifted his gaze from her eyes, looked my way and then to the endless sky outside, though the glass, is reflecting his own image in shade, he kept on looking. Wondering what all it meant to me,
completely moved, I called up waiter, paid for their dinner too, raised a toast and walked off into